A single $30,000 unrestricted award and up to two honorable mentions awards of $10,000 each will be given.


My organization is not a current or previous recipient of a grant from The Cameron Foundation. Can we still apply for this award?
Yes, award recipients are not required to be past or current Cameron Foundation grantees; if a non-grantee is selected for one of the awards, a program officer will conduct a site visit with the organization.

Is a nonprofit organization required to have exempt status from the IRS to apply for the award?
Yes, applicant organizations are required to have current 501(c)(3) status in order to apply for the award; the IRS letter must be attached to the application.

My organization is located in Richmond, but has served the Chesterfield area for many years, including having a presence at the Ettrick Library. We also have plans to open a new Petersburg location. Is it appropriate to apply given that history?
Our guidelines state: “The organization must be located within The Cameron Foundation’s service area (Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Colonial Heights, southern Chesterfield, and/or Sussex) and a majority of its clients must be local residents.” For organizations with multiple office locations, the requirement is applied to the headquarters of the organization.

My organization does not have a separate Conflict of Interest Policy; conflict of interest is covered in our by-laws. Do we have to establish a separate Conflict of Interest Policy and submit it as an attachment to the application?
The Conflict of Interest Policy is not required to be a separate document; please include a statement regarding any of the required attachments that may be covered in the same document.

Should my organization report the actual number of customers served or the potential number of customers that can be served by the organization?
Please report the actual number of customers served during the most recent program year.