Before You Apply

Prior to applying for a grant from The Cameron Foundation, please review our grant guidelines to make sure your organization and proposed work are eligible for funding.

The Cameron Foundation’s primary purpose is to support programs and activities that improve both the health and quality of life for people living in the Foundation’s service region. This area includes the cities of Petersburg, Colonial Heights, and Hopewell; the counties of Dinwiddie, Prince George, and Sussex; and the portion of Chesterfield County lying south of Route 10.

Our grantmaking focus is on nonprofit organizations holding 501(c)(3) designation by the IRS. Recognizing that area governmental agencies may provide a variety of services in tandem with nonprofit organizations, the Foundation views these agencies as vital partners to the nonprofit sector and is open to supporting a limited set of activities of public entities.

Duration: As a general rule, grants will be made on a year-to-year basis, with each grant requiring an application and a formal review. However, applicants may seek annual renewal of support for a previously funded project or purpose. Regardless of the duration of a grant, no grant funds may be used for expenses incurred prior to the date of grant approval by The Cameron Foundation’s Board. Additionally, each grant approved by the Foundation will require periodic reporting on the use of the grant. Only one grant will be approved per organization per year, and only one proposal can be submitted per organization per grant cycle.

Special Considerations
The Cameron Foundation strives to assure that its limited resources are allocated to their highest valued uses. Therefore, in approaching the Foundation with requests, prospective applicants should be aware of these considerations:

  • The Foundation supports organizations and activities that employ creative responses to problems that address root causes rather than symptoms and which build upon community strengths.
  • The Foundation pays particular attention to efforts that expand access to opportunities for people from low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities and that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in the targeting and delivery of services.
  • The Foundation endeavors to foster communication, cooperation, and coordination among service providers and, therefore, will seek to encourage and reward collaborations and partnerships among its grantees.
  • The Foundation seeks to build programs and services that are sustainable and that encourage strong and engaged board, staff, and/or volunteer leadership.
  • The Foundation supports demonstrated, effective approaches to problem-solving over untested trials.