Selection Criteria

The Cameron Foundation has established grantmaking objectives that are intended to assure that its limited resources are allocated to their highest valued uses. In pursuit of these objectives, the Foundation supports organizations and activities that empower people through the employment of creative responses to problems that address root causes rather than symptoms and which build upon community strengths. The Foundation pays particular attention to efforts that expand access to opportunities for people from low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities and that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness in the targeting and delivery of services. Furthermore, The Cameron Foundation seeks to foster communication, cooperation, and coordination among service providers, build programs and services that are sustainable, and encourage strong and engaged board, staff, and/or volunteer leadership.

The Cameron Foundation is committed to making strategic investments in the growth and survival of nonprofit organizations in its service region. To that end, the Foundation has construed its grantmaking in a manner that facilitates capacity building and organizations development for nonprofits. The Foundation believes that strengthening the management and governance of nonprofit organizations is critical to fulfilling its mission to improve the health and quality of life in the communities that it serves.

The Foundation funds work across six different program areas.