Types of Grants

The Cameron Foundation supports capacity-building by awarding grants for project-specific, capital, technical assistance, and general operating purposes.

General Grants
The Cameron Foundation’s General Grants include:

Project Grants, which are intended to support a specific connected set of activities that have explicit objectives as well as predetermined time frames and costs. They also support the mission of the recipient organization. Applicants may include relevant administrative and overhead costs as long as those amounts are proportional with the prospective activities. Learn more »

General Operating Grants, which are intended to fund the ongoing operations of an organization, including the regular personnel, administrative, fundraising, and office expenses of existing agency programs. This type of funding is also known as “core support.” The Cameron Foundation will only provided general operating support for nonprofit organizations holding 501(c)(3) status that are indigenous to and headquartered in the Foundation’s service area. The Foundation will not make grants to fund the operations of organizations based outside of The Cameron Foundation’s service region, or those whose primary services support clientele outside of that region. Government agencies are not eligible for general operating support. Learn more »

For General Operating Grants, The Cameron Foundation limits the proportion of an organization’s annual budget that it will provide to the following amounts:

  • For an annual budget less than $100,000, the Foundation will not make operating support grants exceeding 50% of that budget
  • For a budget between $100,000 and $500,000, operating support grants will not exceed 35% of that budget
  • For a budget greater than $500,000 but less than $1 million, operating support grants will not exceed 20% of that budget
  • For an organization whose annual budget is greater than $1 million, the Foundation generally will not make general operating support grants

Exceptions to this provision will only be extended — at the Foundation’s discretion and invitation — in situations where alternative financial resources are not adequately available and the community or constituency served would suffer greatly from the loss of the nonprofit’s services.

All applicants for general operating support will complete the Foundation’s self-assessment tool during the due diligence process and will be subject to a capacity review of the organization by Foundation staff. Upon completion of that assessment, grant support for general operating support will be combined with funding to seek technical assistance for identified needs, where appropriate.

Requests for general operating support predicated on the loss of a major source of funding will be subject to the following additional restrictions. The organization must demonstrate that:

  1. There is significant and ongoing demand for the programs and services provided by the organization
  2. The organization lacks the capacity to respond to the loss of funding and such loss would result in a cessation or reduction of the programs and/or services offered by the organization, and
  3. A strategy to preserve the programs and/or services in the future has been clearly identified

Capital Grants, which are intended to facilitate the purchase of land, construction of physical facilities, and the acquisition of equipment by an organization. Capital grant requests for construction projects may also include the costs of related technical services, such as legal, architectural, and engineering activities. Periodically, the Board sets priorities for capital grants in specific program areas and/or suspends capital funding altogether. Please refer to this website for related updates. Learn more »

Technical Assistance Grants
Technical Assistance Grants are intended to support organizational development and/or effectiveness through the provision of operational or management consultation services including, but not limited to, fundraising and marketing assistance, financial planning, program development, strategic planning, and board and/or staff development. The Cameron Foundation will only provide Technical Assistance grants to nonprofit organizations holding 501(c)(3) public charity status that are indigenous to and headquartered in the Foundation’s service area as well as local government agencies. Learn more »