Cleveland A. Wright Award

About the Award

The Cameron Foundation’s Cleveland A. Wright Award for Outstanding Community Service rewards nonprofit organizations for outstanding work that improves the quality of life of residents of Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Colonial Heights, southern Chesterfield, and/or Sussex. This award is named in honor of The Cameron Foundation’s first president and current board member for his leadership and untiring service to the community. The award recipient must be able to demonstrate the impact of its work in the communities it serves and will be evaluated on:

  • Its commitment to caring for the residents of the community
  • Its generosity of spirit, and
  • The ease with which residents can access its services

One $40,000 unrestricted award will be given annually to a nonprofit organization based in The Cameron Foundation’s service area. The presentation will be made in October at The Cameron Foundation’s Annual Grant Awards Ceremony.

Like our grant proposals, each nomination for the Cleveland A. Wright Award for Outstanding Community Service will be vigorously reviewed, and only applications that meet all of the eligibility requirements will be considered.

Applying for the Award

Someone other than paid staff must nominate a nonprofit organization in the Foundation’s service area to be considered for this award. For example, a board member, volunteer, client, or someone else from the community can make the nomination.

To nominate an organization for the award, download the Cleveland A. Wright Award Nomination Form by clicking on the button to the left. Complete the form, print it, and deliver it by the deadline to:

The Cameron Foundation
ATTN: Risha Stebbins
228 S. Sycamore St.
Petersburg, VA 23803

Nominated organizations that meet the award criteria will be contacted and invited to submit an application form, which will be sent to them by The Cameron Foundation. One nonprofit organization will be selected to receive this award, along with an unrestricted gift of $40,000.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The nominated organization must be at least five years old.
  • The nominated organization must have had 501(c)(3) status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service for at least five years and may not be a faith-based organization.
  • The organization must be located in The Cameron Foundation’s service area (Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Colonial Heights, southern Chesterfield and/or Sussex) and a majority of its clients must be local residents.
  • The nominator cannot be a paid staff member at the organization under review. Board members, volunteers, and community members are eligible to make nominations.
  • If an organization is chosen to receive this award, it is not eligible to compete for the award again until seven years after receiving it.