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  • Working Collectively to Reverse Neighborhood DeclineWorking Collectively to Reverse Neighborhood Decline
    Partners for Neighborhood Renewal – Poplar Lawn, funded and facilitated by The Cameron Foundation, brings together nonprofit housing and preservation organizations with the City of Petersburg to demonstrate that distressed historic neighborhoods can be saved …

Cameron Foundation commits $300,000 towards Save America’s Treasures matching grant for Petersburg Exchange Building

With news of a $350,000 federal grant award to Historic Petersburg Foundation for essential structural repairs to the Petersburg Exchange Building, The Cameron Foundation announces a contingent grant of $300,000 in matching funds. Historic Petersburg Foundation will work in cooperation with Petersburg Preservation Task Force and the City of Petersburg to undertake the work. For The Cameron Foundation to release its funds, Historic Petersburg Foundation will need to secure the remaining $50,000 needed for the $700,000 project and meet other grant contingencies. The federal funding is being made through the National Parks Service’s Save America’s Treasures program.

J. Todd Graham, President of The Cameron Foundation emphasized, “Among the City of Petersburg’s many historical assets, few retain greater importance than the Exchange Building. Believed to be the last unaltered merchant’s exchange in existence in the United States, it holds the distinction of being the only Petersburg historical site that is recognized as a National Historic Landmark. We consider the Exchange Building to be an invaluable asset to our community – and the nation as a whole.”

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Cameron Foundation announces new board, committee members

With the retirement of Board member Donald L. Haraway and an update to the grants committee, The Cameron Foundation announces changes to its governing body. The new assignments took effect at the Foundation’s August Board meeting.

The Foundation welcomes T. Robertson Blount, Jr. as a new member to its Board. Blount is a longstanding leader in the City of Petersburg, having retired as Finance Director for the City in 2008 after 35 years in the Finance Office. Blount fills the director position previously held by Donald L. Haraway, who has retired from the Foundation’s Board. Haraway’s role as Treasurer is now assumed by Director Mark H. Stevens.

Additionally, the Foundation approved the appointment of Angela M. Orrell as a community representative to its grants committee. Orrell, who has lived in Dinwiddie County for 35 years, previously had served on the Foundation’s review committee for the Cleveland A. Wright Award for Outstanding Community Service from 2007-2016.

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Cameron Foundation updates grant guidelines, hosts information workshops

The Cameron Foundation, a major funder for nonprofit organizations serving the Tri-Cities area, has published updates to its responsive grant guidelines. The changes take effect January 1, 2020, in advance of the Foundation’s next funding cycle.

“Cameron’s staff and Board periodically review the guidelines and make adjustments to keep step with the needs of our community,” explained The Cameron Foundation’s president, J. Todd Graham. Among the revisions this time, the Foundation has added a requirement that nonprofits applying for funding have local representation on their boards or advisory councils. The updates also include a guide for incremental step-down funding in cases where the Foundation has supported the same purpose or project for multiple years. Language was modified in other areas of the document to add clarification to the Foundation’s funding priorities and eligibility criteria.

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