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  • Southside Health Education FoundationSouthside Health Education Foundation
    Since providing Southside Health Education Foundation (SHEF) start-up funding in 2008, Cameron has awarded it over $670,000 in capacity-building support and transferred approximately $1.6 million in scholarship funds. SHEF’s early work in administering local health-related …

Cameron Foundation releases 2018 community health needs assessment

New report reflects focus on social determinants of health

The Cameron Foundation has published a new regional health needs assessment for the Tri-Cities area, offering important information for use by policy makers, service providers and health advocates. The report incorporates new data to provide deeper insight into the needs of areas showing high concentrations of poverty and low educational attainment across the Tri-Cities region, and it reveals disparities in life expectancy. Overall, it offers a fuller picture of community health by incorporating social determinants of health indicators.

“This new report reflects an important shift that The Cameron Foundation made in 2014, when it decided to begin looking at health through a broader lens beyond health care interventions. Research shows that health starts in people’s homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and the larger community – long before the point where a person needs health care,” said J. Todd Graham, president of The Cameron Foundation. He added, “While we may associate health outcomes with access to quality health care and health behaviors, this 2018 assessment reminds us that these are only half of the equation. The other 50% of factors linked to health outcomes are social determinants of health, such as social and economic factors and the physical environment.”

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Poplar Lawn: “Ugly House” sells for more than $150,000

Key Ceremony to take place on January 3, 2019

On January 3rd The Cameron Foundation, Virginia LISC and project:HOMES will host a Key Ceremony to celebrate the sale and new homeownership of the newly renovated house at 135 Liberty Street in Petersburg’s Poplar Lawn Historic District.

135 Liberty Street was a vacant and severely blighted historic property, with multiple safety and code violations. After extensive renovations, the once unlivable home has been brought back to life and will soon have new owners. Less than a year after announcing plans to rehabilitate the proverbial “ugly house next door” in Petersburg’s historic Poplar Lawn neighborhood, Virginia LISC, project:HOMES and The Cameron Foundation announce the sale of the home. While this is not the first or only project completed, 135 Liberty marks the first vacant property to be renovated and sold through the “Partners for Neighborhood Renewal – Poplar Lawn” (PNR) initiative. Having undergone complete renovations, 135 now serves as the model home for the neighborhood, where PNR is concentrating its resources.

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