Cameron Foundation awards $230,000 COVID vaccine outreach grant to Crater Health District

The Cameron Foundation has approved a proactive $230,000 emergency grant to the Crater Health District to immediately hire five new community health workers to expand outreach for COVID vaccines. The workers will focus on serving hard-to-reach populations in five local cities and counties that have “vaccine hesitancy” and/or difficulty in accessing technology to navigate vaccine registration systems.

“This is an urgent need for our region,” explained Cameron’s Board Chair, J. Tolleison Morriss, VI. “Recent data on COVID vaccine rates shows that this area continues to lag behind the state average, and these additional resources will help to close that gap.” Learn more>>

Cameron Foundation announces slate of officers for 2021

The Cameron Foundation, the major private foundation serving the Tri-Cities area of Virginia with annual grant funding of approximately $4 million, announces its slate of officers for 2021. Learn more>>