Reserve A Meeting Space

The Cameron Foundation is fortunate to be located in a beautiful, conveniently located historic building. As part of our service to the community, we make the meeting rooms in this building available to nonprofits at no cost.

For-profit organizations are also welcome to meet in our facility, and can do so by making a donation of at least $300 to one of the many nonprofits in the Foundation’s service area.

The Foundation has two meeting rooms: the McCabe Room, which can host up to 120 people, and the Chisolm Room, which has a maximum capacity of 30 persons. Audiovisual equipment and wireless Internet service are available in both rooms.

Please email or call (804 732 8900) at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date to determine if the room you would like is available. Once the room availability is confirmed, you will need to submit both forms appearing to the left, including the Meeting Room Agreement and the Rules Related to Use of Meeting Rooms. Please print both documents, read carefully, sign/initial each page, and either fax or email both documents back to the Foundation:

To find out more or to arrange for a walk-through of the space, please call the Foundation’s office at 804 732 8900.