Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

If an organization has been approved to submit a proposal but it does not have its 501(c)(3) in place, should the group submit its proposal?
No, the Foundation does not consider unsolicited requests from organizations without a 501(c)(3) status.

Does our nonprofit have to be physically located in the Foundation’s service area?
No, however at least 51% of the individuals served by the project you wish to have funded by The Cameron Foundation have to reside within the Foundation’s service area.

How large a grant should I request?
The answer depends greatly on the size of your organization, the scope of your project, and the Foundation’s available resources. Please refer to our list of grants in previous cycles to get an idea of the range and types of grants we have made.

If our grant request is approved or declined, how long do we have to wait before making another request?
Only one grant will be approved per organization per year, and only one proposal can be submitted per organization per grant cycle.

I know members of your board. Can we contact them about our grant proposal?
No. It is the policy of The Cameron Foundation that organizations with grants under review not contact Board members and/or Grants Committee members about grant applications.

I own a small business in the Tri-Cities region. Currently, we are not seeing any profits. Can I apply to The Foundation for a grant?
No. The Cameron Foundation only makes grants to qualified nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status and governmental entities.

Does The Cameron Foundation offer grant writing and nonprofit management classes?
While The Cameron Foundation does not directly provide grant writing and management classes, organizations are encouraged to utilize training and other resources that are available through the Foundation’s capacity-building program. For example, the Foundation works in partnership with Duke University to provide nonprofit management classes at the Foundation’s headquarters in Petersburg. Additional information about this and other capacity-building resources is available here, on the Foundation’s web site.

Where did The Cameron Foundation’s name come from? Is it affiliated with the Cameron family?
The Cameron Foundation was named after William E. Cameron, a descendant of Rev. John Cameron (Rector of Bristol Parish) who was editor of two Petersburg newspapers, The Daily News and The Daily Index. William E. Cameron was not related to William Cameron, who owned Mount Erin at the site where Southside Regional Medical Center previously stood. While he had no ties to the hospital or to Cameron field, Mr. Cameron was the Mayor of Petersburg (1876-81), the Governor of Virginia (1882-86), and was instrumental in supporting education for African Americans, having played a large role in the founding of Virginia State University. The Cameron Foundation was named in tribute to him.

If we didn’t use all the money for the approved purpose, can we use the remainder for something else?
In the event that funds are left over, The Cameron Foundation staff should be contacted regarding a possible variance request. The Cameron funds may not be repurposed prior to securing the written approval through this process if it is determined that a variance is needed.

What is The Foundation’s policy about publicizing the grant?
If The Cameron Foundation is mentioned in any media or news release regarding funds it has committed to a particular project, the Foundation should be sent a copy of the information for approval by the Foundation’s President before it is released to the public.