Community Indicators

The Cameron Foundation strives to transform the Tri-Cities and surrounding counties into a healthy, vibrant and economically vital region by strategically leveraging resources for community impact. In keeping with this mission, the Foundation created the Annual Service Area Report Card.

This report card keeps community issues at the forefront, establishes a baseline for the region, and shows how the region compares to trends in both Virginia and the nation. This dashboard of community health factors can help guide strategic planning, program design and assessment of progress toward achieving long-term community goals.

The Cameron Foundation seeks to foster collaboration to address the most pressing concerns of its region. This report card is a critical part of that process, as it helps stakeholders to understand challenges, identify new opportunities, and set priorities for working together.

The Service Area Report Card draws its data solely from outside and objective independent and government agencies. It is revisited annually and tracks 17 indicators in three separate categories, including health, education and socio-economics. Below is a list of the indicators. The 2020 report card includes full definitions of each of the indicators. Additionally, a summary of each indicator (including links to statistical sources), additional notes, and noteworthy trends is found in each report card. Downloadable files for all of the Service Area Report Cards are found in the left column of this page.


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) County Health Outcomes Ranking
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Factors Ranking
  • Infant Mortality Rate
  • Teen Pregnancy Rate
  • Suicide Rate


  • PALS-K Below Readiness Rate
  • 3rd Grade Reading Proficiency
  • High School On-Time Graduation Rates
  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree & Higher


  • Per Capita Income
  • Median Household Income
  • Percent (of Population) Below Poverty Level
  • Percent of Children Below Poverty Level
  • Housing Cost Burden Rate
  • Annual Unemployment Rate
  • Food Insecurity Rate

If you think the information in this report is incorrect or incomplete, we hope you will point us to the right information at an independent and verifiable source on the web. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please send your ideas to Program Officer Brandy Cramer.