Emergency Grants

COVID-19 Emergency Grant Program

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The COVID-19 Emergency Grant program addresses key areas of impact that the coronavirus crisis is having on the public and nonprofit sectors – both the organizations themselves as well as the services they provide – in the Tri-Cities and surrounding counties. The key areas are: Health and Safety, Education, General Operating Support and Technology. Past and current grantees of The Cameron Foundation are eligible to apply for this emergency funding to support needs that have resulted from the current crisis. Applicants must meet the Foundation’s eligibility requirements according to its grant guidelines and must provide a program and budget justification for this emergency need. The full description of the key funding areas, along with the application guidelines, are found here or by downloading the printable document to the left.

Due to the fluid nature of this crisis, the needs of those impacted may change. If a need is identified that is not reflected in this COVID-19 Emergency Grant program, please contact a member of the Foundation’s program staff to further discuss it.

  • Health and Safety will address the needs of safety net providers, public health organizations and nonprofit organizations serving the health and safety of individuals in the community.
  • Education is a key area that will assist organizations addressing the critical needs of students to ensure the education, health and human services needs of the students and their families are supported. Students have varying levels of access in our service area and may be disproportionately impacted, especially in rural communities and communities with high poverty rates.
  • General Operating Support is a key area intended to address the general operating expenses of nonprofits that have experienced hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. The Cameron Foundation’s eligibility guidelines pertaining to general operating grants apply to applicants in this category.
  • Technology is a key area that addresses the fast pace of organizations moving to virtual offices as a necessity with the closing of local offices due to the crisis. This grant area will assist safety net organizations and nonprofits with technology needs to help enhance their ability to communicate internally as a workforce with their staff and externally with their clients.

Schools Reopening Grant Program

School systems face significant new costs related to COVID-19 for the 2020-2021 school year, regardless of whether they adopt a virtual, in-person or hybrid approach to instruction. Schools offering virtual instruction still need help closing the digital divide, while those offering in-person instruction need help purchasing supplies to reduce the transmission of disease. The Schools Reopening Grant Program is available to provide one-time financial assistance to school districts within The Cameron Foundation’s service area. School systems can apply for up to $50,000 in emergency funds to help them purchase items such as Personal Protective Equipment, cleaning supplies, portable air cleaners, Chromebooks and MiFi devices for student use.

Application links have been sent directly to school system superintendents. School systems can contact Program Officer Jerry Kuthy with questions or for help with the application.

School System Technology Infrastructure Grants

The School System Technology Infrastructure Grant program was made available to provide one-time financial assistance to school districts within The Cameron Foundation’s service area in the spring of 2020. With physical schools closed, this program helped divisions build out the technology required to continue delivering instruction to students. School systems were able to apply for up to $50,000 in emergency funds to help them purchase things such as laptops, Chromebooks, and MiFi devices for student use. This grant program concluded on June 30, 2020.