Appomattox abutment dam

Elevating Plans to a Transformational Scale

Catalyzing the work of Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR) to develop and expand the Appomattox River Trail, Cameron approved its first $1 million grant to the organization in 2021 to develop the trail’s vital western entrance spanning Dinwiddie and Chesterfield counties and the City of Petersburg. The work includes planning and design of the Appomattox River Connector, a brand-new bicycle-pedestrian bridge over the Appomattox River that will connect Chesterfield County’s 97-acre Radcliffe Conservation area to Dinwiddie County; making over two miles of trail improvements from the new bridge location downstream through Dinwiddie toward Petersburg; and, undertaking the reimagining and renovation of Dinwiddie’s historic Ferndale Appomattox Riverside Park. In its heyday from 1900 to the late 1920’s, Ferndale Park was a popular amusement park that drew visitors from around the Richmond region, boasting a carousel, bowling alley, ice cream parlor and movie theater. The canal alongside the park was built between 1807-1810.

Envisioned as an integral and iconic element within the extensive 25-mile trail system, the Appomattox River Connector will be located in the vicinity of this abutment dam. The OLIN Studio, an internationally recognized, award-winning landscape design firm, is leading the planning and design of this landmark destination.

The full area to be developed creates a destination-level, regional western entrance to the emerging 25-mile Appomattox River Trail system. As of December 2022, Cameron’s total commitment to FOLAR is $1,477,000.

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