Woman with child getting dinosaur book from the pick up locker

Enhancing Library Access Along a Rural Corridor

With $47,088 in Cameron funding, Ettrick-Matoaca Library has become the first in the region to have a book locker (pictured here) and the first in Chesterfield County Public Library’s system to have a multimedia studio. The studio and a companion makerspace give residents new tools to develop critical 21st-century skills with hands-on exposure to equipment and software, including photo and video equipment, Adobe Creative Suite software, a mixing board, microphones, a green screen and backdrops. The new book locker provides 24/7 access to items in the collection, allowing residents to check out materials without being limited by the library’s operating hours.

Dr. Michael R. Mabe, director of library services for Chesterfield County Public Library, explains, “In today’s environment, equitable access to knowledge and the availability of media resources are both essential to supporting innovation, creativity and lifelong learning. This project opens new, life-enhancing possibilities for patrons in southern Chesterfield who rely on their local library to serve these community needs.”

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