July 5, 2023

Cameron Foundation reopens community meeting rooms July 17

The Cameron Foundation, a major philanthropic partner serving the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas, is reopening its two meeting rooms for use by the community, effective July 17.

“These facilities were such an important part of our support for the community prior to the pandemic,” noted Cameron’s president, Nadine Marsh-Carter. “It’s gratifying to be able to reopen our doors to so many nonprofits that previously relied on these resources to hold their board meetings, trainings, and other mission-related events.”

The Foundation has two meeting rooms: the McCabe Room, which can host up to 60 people, and the Chisolm Room, which has a maximum capacity of 20. Audiovisual equipment and wireless Internet service are available in both rooms.

The Foundation makes the spaces available to nonprofits at no cost. For-profit organizations also are welcome to meet in the Foundation’s facilities, and can do so by making a donation of at least $300 to one of the many nonprofits in Cameron’s service area.

Those interested in reserving a meeting room may contact The Cameron Foundation by email (reservations@camfound.org) at least two weeks in advance of the meeting date to determine if the desired space is available. Once confirmed, the nonprofit or business will need to submit the required forms found on Cameron’s website (https://camfound.org/about-us/reserve-a-meeting-space). Individuals also may call the Foundation at 804 732 8900 with questions or to arrange a walk-through of the spaces.

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