July 5, 2007

The Cameron Foundation awards nearly $2 million to 26 nonprofits across Southside Virginia

With new awards totaling $1,987,011, The Cameron Foundation’s most recent grants to 26 nonprofit organizations serving the Tri-Cities and Southside Virginia will benefit a broad range of efforts. The awards were approved by the Foundation’s board of trustees at its June meeting, representing its second round of giving for 2007.

Cleveland A. Wright, The Cameron Foundation’s president, noted, “Our mission is to promote the health and quality of life for people living in communities across our region. Our board and staff are deeply committed to that work, and because local nonprofit groups share this purpose, we want to do our part to help them succeed.” The Foundation’s other board members include: Ann C. Taylor, vice president; Dr. Jerry W. Isbell, secretary; Kevin A. Hill, treasurer; and Dr. Gurpal S. Bhuller, John H. Clements, James L. Thacker, Betty W. Thweatt and Larry C. Tucker.

Foundation funding is made in seven program areas, including health care, human services, civic affairs, community and economic development, education, conservation and historic preservation, and cultural enrichment. In this June cycle, the Foundation awarded grants in all seven areas, with close to one-third of the funds supporting educational programs. Tucker, chairman of the Foundation’s Grants Committee, observed, “Some of the organizations receiving grants provide core services, while others enhance and enrich our lives.” He added, “All are answering important needs in our community.”

The June grant recipients include:

BATTERSEA, Inc. – $ 65,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters Services, Inc – $ 43,894
Chesterfield CASA, Inc. – $ 10,000
Chesterfield Center for the Arts at Chester Foundation – $ 35,000
ChildSavers of Richmond/Memorial Child Guidance Clinic – $143,000
Colonial Heights Department of Planning & Community Development – $ 54,900
Crater Health District – $ 75,000
Equal Justice America – $ 36,000
Faison School for Autism – $ 60,000
Girl Scout Commonwealth Council – $ 28,820
The Henricus Foundation – $ 44,512
Hopewell Preservation, Inc – $ 59,834
John Tyler Community College Foundation – $256,000
Medical Home Plus, Inc. – $ 43,500
Petersburg Library Foundation, Inc. – $325,000
Petersburg Symphony Orchestra – $ 68,481
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia – $144,000
Richmond Memorial Health Foundation – $ 55,000
Science Museum of Virginia Foundation – $ 35,950
Serenity, Inc. – $ 55,000
Sycamore Rouge – $ 30,000
Telamon Corporation – $ 21,120
Tri-Cities Habitat for Humanity – $120,000
U.S. Army Quartermaster Foundation – $ 40,000
Urban League of Greater Richmon – .$ 97,000
Virginia Network of Nonprofit Organizations – $ 40,000

According to Handy Lindsey, the Foundation’s executive director, “The non-profit sector is essential to any healthy community. We intend to give non-profit organizations the tools to strengthen and grow, and these grant awards are at the heart of that intent.”

Additionally, The Cameron Foundation invests in other forms of non-profit capacity-building. In April, a two-year undertaking culminated when the Southside Virginia Nonprofit Resource Center opened in Hopewell. And, most recently, the Foundation announced the creation of two new recognition award programs, the Cleveland A. Wright Award for Outstanding Community Service and the Excellence in Organizational Management Award. Each will salute the exceptional achievements of non-profits in the Foundation’s service area and will be accompanied by unrestricted gifts ranging from $5,000-$40,000. The organizations selected to receive these honors, along with the grant recipients for the current grant cycle, will be announced in the Foundation’s October grant awards ceremony.

The Cameron Foundation was established in April 2003 from the proceeds of the sale of Southside Regional Medical Center by the Hospital Authority of the City of Petersburg.

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